Best Seller Best Friends Mugs

Newest Designs and top seller of Christmas 2014, What a cool idea for someone missing someone that either lives in another part of the world or across the your country or even in the same state.  This past Christmas I had the pleasure of painting about 100 of these custom Coffee mugs. Best friends, daughters, fathers some even put special quote on the back that had true meaning to the recipient. For this design I thought it would be a little bit more personalized if they choose what part of the state the heart were placed, they could pick their towns if they wanted.  Yes I learned a lot about our states and locations of cities.  On a few occasions I painted two countries or a country and a state and shipped it over seas . It still amazes me that my hand painted designs are all our the country. If you would like a Custom Mug please click on the link provide its will direct you to my etsy shop where you can customize it.. When ordering please put the states and heart placement in the note to brushes with a View when your item is in your cart. That is the place to add the custom quote also.. Pretty Cool and thoughtful gift.. A little different that a generic boring store bought mug..

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