Good Morning ! A special thanks!

Good Morning ! 

After many failed attempts at creating a website I finally have one that I love.. I went with Wix.com . A fellow shop owner had told me about this site . Its simple to use and the templates are so easy to navigate. 
  In the past I had a word press blog, It was so confusing to set you had to  . Add this, delete this, add code, tweak codes…. Ahh ! 

My friend  Linda from  http://www.ameliasexpressions.com/ encouraged me to try it out. Thank you Linda.  

 Its still a work in progress but I am so happy with it!  I love the background Simple and clean and I integrated a header image I had make on www.picmonkey.com. I will be making a tutorial on how user friendly it is and how it makes your photos fun and inviting. 

Take a look at my site and let me know what your feelings are. I posted it on my Facebook page but facebook has changed the rules and now wants all us page owners to pay for our fans to view our posts. I will explain what I mean by that while Im on the subject.

I have 1474 fans most are people with other businesses so they do not follow or comment on my posts 
When a page owner posts on their wall either a picture of a link, Facebook has decide that it will just clog up peoples news feeds. So they took it upon themselves to hid most of the posts, unless I pay to allow it on my “likers” news feeds. I researched this and it would cost me 100.00 a day to allow this.  Sorry but that is not possible. 
This week has been very bad, out of all those fans I think the most that have seen my posts is 144!  That is a little discouraging but, all you can do is just keep posting and the people that want to see it will comment, or they will eventually stop seeing their liked pages in their news feeds. 

 I invite you to take a look at my site www.brusheswithaview.com .  I am constantly updating it and adding more products. Its always a work in progress.  I would love it if you would do me a favor and share my site with your friends. 

Thank you 


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