My Room Inspired By Pinterest

I love my new room. Boy was it tough to find the perfect color though. Its funny when you see a color in a store and bring it home its just not the same ugh! The color is Behr. I decide to get new furnature but didnt want to spend a fortune on it so off to Ikea we went. The dressers are Ikea HEMNES 8-drawer dresser, gray-brown Gotta love ikea’s direction to put it together. Not one word only pictures. It was defiantly a challenge. Lots of the designs and idea all came from pinterest. I will be adding more soon . Hope you enjoy as much as I do

6 thoughts on “My Room Inspired By Pinterest

  1. Thanks Jenna those I actually bought at Home Depot . The were plain white . I painted the base coat a light tan color . Then Martha Stewart gold metallic paint lightly brushes and a top coat of Martha Stewart silver glaze . When it was dry I sanded the edges to give them a distressed look .

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