DIY: Glittery iPhone cases

Project Fairytale


Happy Friday, lovelies!

One of the things that brighten my days is sparkle. In any form: tinsel, glitter, fairy lights or sequins. While taking my daily dose of glitter from the Internet the other day, I was drawn towards this super cute DIY project: to transform your iPhone case in a sparkling wonder. I did a small dance of joy when I saw how easy it looked and now, the next step is to find a supplier that carries Mod Podge in Romania or start begging my friends that live in more “civilized” countries to send me a pot…

These are the steps that Grace from Design Sponge followed:



  • glitter
  • tinsel or streamers
  • Mod Podge
  • brushes
  • paint
  • scissors and/or hole punch
  • clear iPhone cases



glitter iphonecase


1. Assemble your glitter components. I used about a tablespoon-sized amount of glitter, tinsel and hand-cut streamers. To make the streamer…

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